Dying light all in one

For those of you playing Dying Lightyou may have already discovered that the key to survival are weapons, medkits, and the like. Getting such "luxuries" requires lots of crafting materials and one special component: blueprints. Blueprints are a must-have in order to turn your average pipe into a melee killing machine, or simple gauze and alcohol into a medkit.

There's a wide range of craftables you need to survive in Dying Lightand finding the blueprints for them is part of the fun. You'll learn what damage they add, all the components needed to craft each one, and where to find them. Below is a map to use in conjunction with the blueprint listings to make navigating your way around a little easier. Scroll down or use the category links above to see the listings themselves. Click to enlarge.

Dying Light Dockets Codes 2020 for Premium PS4/Xbox

Found inside a safe house that is located just north of the Tower. The blueprint is placed on a small wooden box, next to the candle. Found inside a three-story house located south from the first highway curve that continues into a long stretch of road leading straight.

The area east of this house is on the same level as its second floor. This is the floor where the blueprint is hidden inside one of the small wooden boxes, on top of the shelf.

Found inside a safe house area north of the main bridge. The blueprint is on a wooden table, below a red and white metal roof, near the vendor. Found inside a larger beige colored tent, next to the large metal depot nearby the "Jealous Runner" challenge. The blueprint is on the small desk, next to the laptop, and the microscope.

dying light all in one

Found inside the eastern electric substation. This area is where side quest "Voltage" occurs. Inside a small room of the electric station, you should find a chest with the blueprint inside. Found in Southeastern Slums area, on a rock peaking out of the sea far from the shore. There is a giant weapon on top of the dead body that you have to pick up first. You have to hold the action button for several minutes. Once you do it, the body burns down and reveals the blueprint.

Found inside the storage room of a gas station. There is a hard lock you need to pick at the entrance of this room. Once you unlock it, you can find the blueprint on top of the shelves. Found in Western Central Slums, on top of the railroad overpass, where there is a brown bus.

Found behind a shack in the Northeastern Slums. Follow the river to find this small hidden place. Open the box behind the shack to collect the blueprint. This room becomes unlocked at the end of the side quest and you can collect the blueprint here. Found on top of a building located close to the gas station. By using the air conditioner near the hallway at the center of the building, you can push yourself toward the lamp on the side of the nearby balcony, to get up there. Between the same room and the boxes, is a small gap with a blue box.

Hit the box numerous times to make it open and reveal the blueprint. It's said to be extremely powerful and worth the effort. Found in the Harran Public School area. Search its yard for a beige colored tent.Using this guide for the game you will be able to find cheats about Unlimited money, weapons, upgrade items, lockpicks, health, herbs and find collectibles and locations of blueprints for weapons, items and equipments.

First of all you need to buy the Melee Throw Skill and the equip your most valuable weapon. Make sure the weapon is extremely weapon so that you can make more money. Make sure you drop it. What this will do, is that the character will throw and drop the weapon simultaneously. Rinse and repeat and collect all duplicate weapons and sell them off to the merchant. Kill every zombie in the game.

Take out some of the lower zombies and clear the zone. Quit the game and you will find the zombies again. Kill them again and keep on farming experience points and level up faster.

Dying Light - Blueprint Location Guide

Learn new combat abilities and keep crafting secondary weapons. This will enable you to fight off against enemies in the night. If you are able to fight against enemies in the night you will be able to level up faster. Kyle Crane can earn three types of skills and abilities i. Survivor, Agility and Power. Free running will help level up your Agility, fighting against zombie will level up your Power skill.

Collectibles and Locations Thanks, GamesWiki :. Airport Security can be found in the slums. Bad Ass can be found in the Old Town. Surprise MFS!!! Using the guide below you will be able to find every blueprint i. Throwing Knives can be found in the First Assignment as a reward and can be crafted using 2x Metal Parts and 1x String. Flares can be found in the Firebug side-quest as a reward and can be crafted using 1x Plastic, 1x Chemicals, 1x Kitchen Stuff.

Natural Medkit can be found in the Incense Herbs quest as a reward and can be crafted using 3x Common Plants. Flight of the Crane Jump from the Crane. My left or your left? Meet with Rais. Snake in the grass Escape the arena. Tied loose end Deal with Tahir. Vertigo Activate the Amplifier.

Bittersweet Complete the game. Everybody Dance Now Simultaneously shock 5 monsters with electricity. This is fairly easy to unlock. Check out the video below for more information.Firearms also known as Guns are a type of weapon ; a gameplay element featured in Dying Light. In general, Firearms are initially rare in the early game, resulting them not expected to appear in abundance. While they are undeniably helpful, the sound of gunshots can easily attract infected, especially Virals.

The firearms allow one to engage enemies from a distance without having to be up close and personal. Ammunition is a scarce resource, usually found in stores. Prior to the Enchanced Edition update, there are three types of firearms available in the default game with two variations each, excluding the shotgun which only has one variation.

In The Followingthree new types of firearms were added and the existing three types now includes new variants. Due to the man DLC's coming out Techland has made blueprint that changes the apperaence of the gun. Firearms can be found in key locations within the Slums of Harran and are nearly in abundance in Sector 0.

Even when you finally do manage to find a gun, it is not very practical to use it outside as the gunshots will just attract more infected. A number of guns were cut before the game's release; the following is a list of these weapons, and whether or not they still exist in the game files to be re-added to the game.

Most guns have fake names. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.Dying Light is the massively played first persona survival horror action video game. The Dying Light has Docket codes that let you unlock certain items such as weapon, gold, coins within the game. It was initially released by Techland in January Gameplay is mainly focused on weapon based fight and it offers asymmetrical multiplayer mode.

Go and apply these voucher codes to claim it now. You cannot use all at a same time, so make sure to redeem them one by one. FA7FB93 — Receive 2 basis dockets with the help of this code. You can use it once per user per account. ColossalKiwi — Use at your convenience to get 3 community dockets. Some exclusion and limitation might be applied. Use these codes to get specific items for FREE. You might be wondered, from where to find such special redeem codes.

Look no further and visit their main site to find videos and images as It contains various available discount coupons. You need to find and use appropriate code to get free stuffs accordingly. Dockets in the Dying light game is nothing but the coupon codes that you can redeem for new weapons, coins and other items.

Please make sure to exchange your dockets at Quartemaster for advanced top tier weapons. Dockets are divided in three types; Standard, Community and Premium.

It is based on the type of weapons they are going to give you. So if you want community weapon then use community dockets. I tried to list all the available special promo codes on above section, simply try any to get dockets accordingly.Dying Light is a first-person action survival game set in a post-apocalyptic open world overrun by flesh-hungry zombies.

Roam a city devastated by a mysterious virus epidemic. Scavenge for supplies, craft weapons, and face hordes of the infected. Roam the city with unprecedented freedom and bask in its unique atmosphere. Use parkour to scale every building and reach remote areas.

Engage in gory combat and discover limitless options to confront your enemies. Use the environment paired with various weapon types and abilities to gain an advantage.

Experience the dramatic shift in the world, as you change from a hunter to hunted at sundown. Face the coming threat or run away without wasting your time to look behind. Join forces with other players and raise your chances of survival in an exciting co-op mode. Tackle the story campaign together and take part in regularly scheduled community challenges. This huge expansion introduces new open areas and fully modifiable buggies.

Turn them into deadly weapons and discover the secret behind the mysterious Children of the Sun cult! Discover a brand new, breathtaking region, larger than all of the base game maps combined. New locations, characters, quests and secrets await you.

Become Kyle Crane once more and uncover a mystery in which zombies are not the only threat anymore. Discover the secret of an ancient cult possessing the power to change Harran's fate. New means of survival — a fully modifiable tool to spread carnage among the zombie hordes. Customize your buggy to turn it into a deadly weapon and hit the road.

Dying Light Mega Guide: Cheats, Unlimited Money, Weapons, Health, Blueprints & Collectibles

Gain reputation with the locals to discover new secrets guarded by the cult. Earn their trust by performing quests and choose your own path to infiltrate the sect. Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition is the fullest definition of an open world game set in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by zombies.

Now available in its most complete form, taking the gameplay experience to a brand new level. Buy Now. Dying Light News Ultimate zombie game Dying Light is a first-person action survival game set in a post-apocalyptic open world overrun by flesh-hungry zombies. Vast Open World Roam the city with unprecedented freedom and bask in its unique atmosphere. Creative combat Engage in gory combat and discover limitless options to confront your enemies.Outfits are a great way to customize your in-game appearance in the blockbuster game- Dying Light.

Let us put it this way, changing your Dying Light Outfit is like changing your own clothes- so refreshing! To get the outfits, you may use the lazy approach- buying as downloadable content DLCor the more sophisticated but rewarding approach- conquering. Brand new Outfits can be acquired in any of the following ways:.

Dying Light features the following outfits. Collectible Outfits found at The Following based on unlocking an achievement.

dying light all in one

The mind boggling list is quite long. Dying Light makers have put in a lot of man hours in making sure we enjoy our game looking as subtle as possible. I would have preferred it if Dying Light Outfits were a bit color divergent. Unfortunately, most Outfits are either grey or black. Runner has my vote for its style, especially at the arms, and color mash-up. Gamers will love it for the greater number of features from the shoulders to the legs. We all have our zombie fantasies. The Zombie Wannabe makes the avatar look like a bloodthirsty flesh eater which hits the pleasure spot for me.

Getting this Dying Light Outfit is a brain cracking endeavor since you need to finish the game on with a hard difficulty level, a thing not many gamers brace themselves for. Tags: Dying Light. How To. Nelson Thorntorn January 26, Save Saved Removed 0.

dying light all in one

Available after you complete the First Assignment. Found at the Awakening. Vintage Gunslinger downloadable content. Harran Ranger downloadable content. Crash Test downloadable content. Gun Psycho downloadable content. Besides Razer, Steam will also give you this amazing outfit once you sign up with them and activate any of their items in the games menu.

Available in the crashed alien spaceship southeast but you need to find all the Strange Rocks and unlock the Alien Easter eggs.Weapons in Dying Light are the ideal survival items against the infected or bandits such as Rais's Men. In general, weapons can be found scattered around the environment, can be received by the Quartermaster common ones for free once a day, rarer ones in exchange for dockets or can be purchased from shops.

In-game, Rarity categorizes weapons according to their quality and stats. Rarer melee weapons will always have better stats by having improved handling, durability and number of repair and upgrades. Rarer firearms will never have increased stats, regardless of their rank. Rarer firearms will have custom painted skins, look cleaner and more polished than their more common counterparts instead. Rarer firearms will also have better accuracy and a smaller crosshair radius when standing, moving and shooting at hip.

Value represents how worthy a weapon is for selling in a shop in exchange for money. Selling weapons is generally a good way to get rid of old, unneeded weapons or if you want to get more money. In the game, there are many weapons of varied categories and types. Below are some examples of the different weapon types found in the game. Statistically, the best weapon available early in the game is the Korek Machete found at an apartment building near the Stuffed Turtle quarantine zone.

It is later surpassed by other weapons when the player reaches a higher Survival Rank. Additionally, the Legendary EXPcalibur is also available found stuck through a corpse on a small rock in the south east corner of the map.

Removing the EXPcalibur will also reveal the EXPcalibur blueprint, although it is not as powerful as the legendary variant.

Dying Light - All-In-One Blueprint Location

Melee Weapons are the most commonly used by many survivors. Serving for close-quarters attacks against slower and weaker enemies, there are many varieties and types of melee weapons such as one-handed weapons or two-handed weapons. Blunt weapons such as hammersbatsand pipes are usually bigger than Sharp weapons, and can deal with more damage especially for breaking the bones of your enemies. Sharp weapons such as machetesaxesknivesand swords preform faster attacks on your enemies and can cut off limbs such as arms.

They can be modified with various blueprints to have damaging effects such as electricity, bleeding, and fire, and can be upgraded with weapon modifications for stats such as damage, handling, and durability.


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