Naim nac 52 review

By gt40driverDecember 31, in 2 Channel. I have a system at present which consists of all Naim gear. Im looking for some nice floor standing speakers to go with the system. At the moment I have a pair of Naim Ovator Not to put too fine a point on it Naim speakers are their worst products. I am biased but would buy a used pair of Arts Decos?

Naim NAC 252

Contact all Naim dealers and tell them that you are in the market with cash. This may alert them to a trade in if a customer is looking to move upmarket to your benefit. Thanks yoda for your response. I will look at the speakers you have mentioned and put out the word. Vinyl was and is my main source. You also have your slightly warm sound, an easy load and exc.

A bonus is that ProAc comes up used fairly frequently, and your budget will get you the top-notch big Response models. Just take care that they're front ported or base ported or you'll need a fair bit of room behind.

naim nac 52 review

Art loudspeakers would be top of my list. Im thankful for your responses which gives me more stuff to check out which has got to be a good thing. I am spending an afternoon next wednesday listening to a selection of speakers so hopefully I may find. Both ProAc and Art are on my list. I did try some Amphions but found them very forward and heavy in the base department. Finally got some speakers that I'm very happy with and seem to suit my room, equipment and have the sound I like.

I sold my Ovators which were not what I was looking for at all. I auditioned quite a few sets of speakers at a dealer. A friend of mine said. After a while I thought the speakers sounded a bit edgy not bright but had an edge at a certain frequency which was.

Naim 52 Preamplifiers

This is where it gets interesting and I would like some explanation as to what I have done has done to the sound.

We tried positioning the speakers which made some difference to the sound but still that edge was there. I had read somewhere. With this in mind I got some very cheap and very old speaker wire cut four lengths about 15".

I then connected the speaker wires to the top poles and listened. What a difference. Everything sounded. Put the speaker wires to the bottom poles and back came that edge. After some experimenting with.Having said that, I was very happy with the which for a couple of months had the supercap powering it and this also improved over the Hicap. Thanks for mail it will be for my nap dr, which I have at the moment I also have the supercap Dr in my system so this makes the upgrade more affordable.

The is very very good and is probably the natural partner for your DR assuming you have a source of similar calibre. It also benefits from careful set up and positioning with as much space around it as you can provide. Forget about the critical remarks on the Matched with the it beats a lot of the competitor combos…. I ran mine with a However, if I had to do it again I would have skipped over the and gone straight for the There is just such a significant lift with the … Trading your and SC would cover a chunk of the expense for a pre-loved Even a non-DR will deliver the goods with your Do the vs demo if possible… ATB, Mark.

Having gone throughand nowI am inclined to agree with Varyat, although I accept aeven pre loved, can be a stretch too far financially. Well put one of the CDPs together with your and SuperCap and trade them all in for a pre loved !

Depends how good that is and what price you pay. Unless a swap for a is possible. That is also good, at a price. While I agree with you as such. I think not everybody is capable or prepared to create the funds to finance a Well said! I have had my for six months and my for three months and they work beautifully together. I am sure a would be better, but right now I am just enjoying listening to music being played exquisitely and any future upgrades will just have to wait.

But to my ears the is somewhat different more mature but considerably more resolution. My 2cents…. Nac Hi-Fi Corner. Hawkmoon January 20,pm 1. AllanMilne January 20,pm 2. Hawkmoon January 20,pm 3.

DaveEngland January 20,pm 4. The is very very good and is probably the natural partner for your DR assuming you have a source of similar calibre It also benefits from careful set up and positioning with as much space around it as you can provide. Antz January 20,pm 5. BertBird January 20,pm 6. NigelB January 20,pm 8. Hawkmoon January 20,pm 9.

naim nac 52 review

NigelB January 20,pm Job done, but try a home demo first if that is possible where you are. Zielinski January 21,am An odd question… My illustrious predecessors have pretty much covered it. BertBird January 21,pm Martin January 21,pm This site is a personal initiative. It's not an official site. Unofficial Naim Audio. Search this site. Accueil Your comment.

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Others HiFi components. Tribute to "Julian Vereker". Last update December 11, The NAC52 is a no compromise remote-controlled pre-amplifier, the result of years of research and development.Search form Search. Show Munich More Reports. Solid State Preamp Reviews. Purists would argue that the preamp was "adding" these things, but what I think I heard was the NAC allowing the power amp to get a much better grip on the speakers from top to bottom.

If there was a slight loss of transparency, it was so minor I didn't notice it with this kind of music. The Naim's rendering of the piano, in terms of its totality as a physical image and of the velvety solidity of individual notes, easily overwhelmed the Steelhead's direct-out delivery.

If there was slightly less shimmer at the top end of the keyboard, it was a price easily paid. Other than an almost unnoticeable loss of transparency not enough to be called a "veil" and a slight harmonic darkening though not enough to say it simplified the natural envelopethe Naim's performance was exemplary in every way: it was quiet, grain-free, did nothing to change the overall spatial picture compared to sources fed directly into the amplifierand didn't impose its own texture on the most delicate musical information.

On the positive side, what it always managed to do was grip the music in a way that helped delineate small and large rhythmic and dynamic gestures.

Its bass extension, definition, and textural presentation were as good as, if not better than, what I've heard from any other preamp—and the rest wasn't half bad either! The NAC never added thickness to the overall picture, never slowed down or dulled high-frequency transients. Whether Naim's proprietary ultrasonic transient filtering improved the performance of my reference Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista amplifier, I can't say. It would be funny if much of what I heard was not preamplifier performance but better power-amp performance.

naim nac 52 review

Whatever was doing it, the NAC 's apparent sonic effect was to add enormous weight and meaning to all of the music I listened to through it—kind of like what the Boulder phono section did, when I reviewed it last August.

More than any other preamp I've heard so far, the Naim organized and solidified the sound picture. About the Hovland's presentation of Miles Davis' Kind of BlueI wrote, "The HP seemed to be able to dig out and reveal tiny vibrational peaks and valleys where other preamps deliver flat lines.

And it did so three-dimensionally, without etch, grain, or spotlighting. The Hovland nosed out the Naim on Miles' horn in the ways I described in that review, but the Naim was almost as revealing, and definitely gave the picture more weight, the instruments somewhat more body.

The Hovland is somewhat leaner-sounding and less prominent in the bass, but I knew that when I gave up the Ayre K-1x for it, because it did other things I liked better. I preferred the Naim's and Hovland's presentations to the sources directly out, and that convinced me that I'm a "more can be more" audiophile, not a "less is more" type.

Recordings are simply raw material—grist for the mill that is your stereo system.

Kurz-Präsentation: Naim Audio NAC-N 272 / NAP 250 DR

Whatever it takes to make a recording sound more vital and realistic is fine in my book. The Naim NAC is what it takes. It's a "statement" design that sums up Naim's sonic aspirations, and, for serious Naimophiles, it's a dream piece worth lusting over.

And its user-friendliness makes it a contender for well-heeled audiophiles who've never owned Naim gear. That's a good thing—it would be a shame if what has been achieved here could be of interest only to true believers. But remember: If you have more than two sources and plan to use the NAC 's recording facilities, you'll need to have DIN plugs on one end of your favorite cables.

The phono section will credibly handle the lowest-output MC cartridges, though it's very susceptible to static and emits a loud pop when you throw switches of any kind lights, turntable motors, etc.

My time with the NAC was time well spent. It was always exciting and inviting to fire up the system knowing that the was in control. Its ability to organize and solidify the performance of my reference Audio Physic Avanti III was unsurpassed in my experience of those speakers.

The made me appreciate, more than ever, how tricky this job really is, and how problematic it is for someone reading a review to draw definite conclusions from it. That's why a review—mine or anyone's—can be only a guideline, and not the final word. But I'm fairly certain that the Naim NAC has set new standards in my listening experience for low and midbass performance and overall dynamic drive.Many designs were explored for the NAC and a complete review of the circuit topology and components took place in accordance with the developments pioneered in preamplifiers such as the NAC Hundreds of hours were spent listening to various designs, ensuring that the harmony between music and technology was always maintained.

Ten independently regulated power supplies are fed from the matching SuperCap power supply. Totally separate regulated supplies for the digital control and switching ensure no noise is generated in the audio circuits.

Your email address will not be published. Naim NAC Naim NAC quantity. Unauthorized Enquiry. If you want to know more about the way this site handles the data, then please go through our privacy policy. Enquiry email sent successfully! Description Classic Naim control and clarity. Like many of our products, the NAC stems from good stock: it descends directly from the NAC 52, still one of the finest preamplifiers ever made. Capable of exceptional clarity, its power supply components reside in a separate enclosure: the SuperCap power supply unit.

This ensures optimum isolation from electromagnetic interference and provides each of the ten audio circuits with an independent, fully regulated supply voltage. Additionally, separate power supplies for the digital control and switching circuitry further isolate the audio circuitry from noise.

Support for both DIN and RCA inputs to facilitate connection into a wider range of systems SuperCap power supply with fourteen independently regulated voltages required Totally separate regulated supplies for digital control and switching circuitry Precision rotary potentiometers with precious metal wipers AV bypass mode for simple connection to an existing AV system Powered input for use with StageLine or SuperLine phono stages.

Brand Naim Naim Audio dates back to the late s when a young racing driver and music lover, Julian Vereker, turned his attention to recording live local performances and ultimately discovered what was to become the globally renowned NAP power amplifier. The Naim Balanced Audio Engineering concept, which has attracted legions of devoted admirers around the world, acknowledges the critical relationship between mechanical and electrical engineering.

Overture invites you to experience its collection of Naim Audio integrated amplifiers, preamplifiers, and music streaming products. If you are interested in purchasing a Naim Audio component, you can trade-in any electronic component on it by filling out our Trade-In Form. Additional information. Reviews 0. Reviews There are no reviews yet.

naim nac 52 review

Related products. Add to cart. My Account Search Search for: Search.Discussion in ' audio ' started by ryderAug 4, Log in or Sign up. I get them, not the intended recipient. I get a lot of them and I do not want them! It is just a notification, log into the site and reply from there. This is just delete by another name. I am rather confused by the hierarchy in the Naim line of amplifiers. I posted a thread on the Naim forum and did not receive a reply from Naim.

I would like to draw some experience from knowledgeable folks who are familiar with Naim's circuitry or electronics, especially those who often work on these components. So far the impressions from owners who have compared both seem to be inconclusive.

Some thought both sounded fairly similar, some thought the sounded better, some felt the sounded better. Having said that, by judging on the circuitry or electronics in both preamps, any thoughts on the reason the NAC is priced considerably cheaper than the NAC?

It appears that the internals of the are filled to the brim, when compared to the One of Naims very best sounding preamps was the NAC In the world of preamps But their sound is legendary. IMO, stuffing a chassis adds convenience via features, but at expense of raw performance. What would the Preamp sound like if it was not electronically controlled and lacked separate tape out loops, relay switching, powered inputs, illuminated panels etc If you check the Naim forums there are a number of threads comparing the to some of Naims other "straight" pre amps, such as theetc I know because I've read through them out of interest.

Like most things audio, opinions vary. More "stuff" in the box doesn't always translate to "better". With aits just a pre, which is done for a reason.

For my main listening I use a NACwhich is one step up the Naim hierarchy from the but is also largely filled with empty space as it draws its power from the compulsory external Supercap DR, in my case.

Sometimes less is more. SingslingerAug 4, The AudioNote stuff is packed with kilograms of silver So component cost is very significant. The is fairly component heavy internally. It betters the 52 because its split rail power supply is better than a Supercap. And the brass slab is also quite effective- this I know from having it come off the suspension pins and negate is purpose Having said that there are ways to strip the down to obtain even higher fidelity at the expense of some convenience.

Comparison is just pointless. They re Two very different products. One a compromised preamp streamer design But still sounding good The other a preamp Furthermore ,not an ordinary one since it can be matched to hicap,2x hicap, supercap, each one changing its 'personality' Soundin marvelous,well You have to addd an NDX at least ,too.

So what's there really to compare? Preamps on their Own? Try going analogand you ll understand exactly The pointless comparo. Same as with Log in or Sign up. I get them, not the intended recipient. I get a lot of them and I do not want them! It is just a notification, log into the site and reply from there. This is just delete by another name. Does anyone have a 72 or 82 for sale? Well, 82 and are made to work together as 72 and are!

Both would work well but performance and price is different Nac 72 beeing the old half width revised Nac PFMApr 12, IIRC there was a lot more detail but the main thing was a greater sense of ease somehow. Maybe it was slightly smoother and yet just as fast with transients. Instruments seemed to be playing together more, it was easier to hear what the musicians were doing within the song.

It's fed by an Avondale TPX2 which is a very nice piece of kit.

Naim NAC 272 vs NAC 282 : Thoughts On Which Is a Higher Quality Unit

These prices are approximate as I haven't had a look at them for some time. I think the gap between the 72 and 82 is probably larger than the gaps between You really must use it with two HiCaps though to get the best from it.

I was very happy with mine for many years. Anything better costs stupid money, and the world is changing - I now use a DAC with volume control. JemHaywardApr 12, It will however by quite up front, full of slam and attack and bowl along at a relentless pace which is more than entertaining. Both these will clam it down a bit and add more sophistication. GaiusApr 12, Don't be decieved by the just because it's in the full width box and weighs a ton. Apparently it doesn't have much more steam than a I had a problem with controlling the bass from some Linn Keilidhs.

The didn't have enough oomph. A had more but it took an Avondale AZ to really get a grip.


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