Red focus attack

Ultra Street Fighter 4 adds 'Ultra Combo Double' and 'Red Focus Attack' mechanics

The character specific sections of this wiki use notation, symbols, and abbreviations to refer to specific input commands. This glossary helps define those terms. Attacks in Street Fighter are made by pressing one of six attack buttons, three punches and three kicks. This wiki sometimes abbreviates these names in its combo notation, and those abbreviations are explained below.

Also, you may have seen these attacks referred to by other names elsewhere, in a different Street Fighter guide. For the sake of clarity, we have included the alternate names sometimes used for these attacks. Characters in Street Fighter can move in eight different directions. Special Attacks sometimes require a combination of directional gamepad or stick inputs. This wiki uses the following abbreviations to represent these directional input combinations in its combo notation.

Certain combos rely on positionining or movement in order to be successful. Some of the combos presented in this wiki represent these positional requirements with the following shorthand symbols. For example, "c. MK" would represent a crouching Medium Kick.

This notation indicates that the attack should be input while close to the enemy, with "close" typically being no more than a handful of pixels of distance between you. Most of those terms are detailed here, and knowledgeable readers are encouraged to add any terms to this glossary they feel are necessary for players making the jump from the beginner level to more intermediate or advanced play.

red focus attack

Maneuvers that have armor grant the ability to absorb an attack without being interrupted. Certain maneuvers have more armor than others, such as Red Focus. Red Focus, like Focus Attack, has the armor trait; however, armor from Red Focus will absorb all attacks, no matter the amount, while active.

Attacks with armor break are the only way to penetrate the armor granted by Red Focus. Certain maneuvers allow for their recovery frames to be cancelled by inputting another maneuver. For example, if Ryu executes crouching Medium Kick, if he follows that by inputting a Hadoken at the right time, he will throw a fireball immediately after his Medium Kick. Not all maneuvers can be cancelled. Chains are a sequence of attacks which are cancelled into one another, sometimes by quickly pressing buttons.

Chains are more lenient with regard to timing than links, which require the player to input the next attack in a sequence at a specific time. Command throws are throws that require a specific input.

These attacks function similarly to regular throws, in that they affect blocking opponents; however, unlike normal throws, command throws cannot be broken by the defender once they have been successfully initiated.

Most characters can cancel their normal and special maneuvers with a Focus Attack by pressing Medium Punch and Medium Kick directly after inputting a maneuver. This causes the character to immediately begin to charge a Focus Attack in exchange for two bars of Super Meter.If you've ever played a Fighting Game before, just skip this page, trust me. But this will be brief in case you read it anyhow. The three basic movement options that are given to a character in almost every fighting game created are the ability to Walk forward or backwards by hitting Towards or Backto Crouch by hitting any of the three Down positions on the joystickor to Jump in any of three directions Up for a straight up Jump, Back Flip to jump backwards, or Forward Flip to jump forward.

These are the three absolute most basic actions given to a character. Of course, every character walks with different speeds in the game. Below are the movement speeds for each character in AE for both walking forward and walking backwards.

The numbers below are internal distances used by the game, in distance per frame. The movement per frame is fixed, so there is no acceleration, although characters must walk forward for at least two frames before any distance is covered i. Below are the speeds for every character.

As a reference, the stage is First, the basics: hold Back to block high, mid, and Jumping Attacks, as well as Overheads.

Hold Defensive Crouch to Block mid and low attacks Sweeps. Once you Block an attack, you are rendered "stuck" in Block Stun. If another attack connects on your character before you end your Block Stun, you will again be put into Block Stun and forced to Block again. In fact, since you are stuck in Block Stun during an attack, you can let go of the controller altogether and still block the next attack if you have not recovered from the first Block Stun. So for example, if Honda performs his Hundred Hand Slap, once you Block the first hit of the Hand Slap, you can let go of the controller because you will automatically block every other attack from that move.

Crown Battop - Red

This is what is known as a Block String: a sequence of attacks that, once you Block the first hit, you are trapped in Block Stun for the entirety of the sequence. It's basically a "combo" against someone who is Blocking.

So, let's say the enemy does a Jumping Hard Kick and you high Block it. You still have to adjust high or low for Blocking, even during Block Stun. Your character will only go into Block if the enemy is attacking you and the attack is near you. In other words, if your character is a screen away from the opponent, and your opponent throws out a bunch of Crouching Light Kicks, your character will not go into Block stance.

Yang's Red Focus Attack Ultra Street Fighter 4

The attack has to be near you in order for it to cause you to Block. So certain sequences that combo on hit will not actually be a true Block String. A perfect example of this is C. This is a very important concept in the world of Street Fighter IV and it cannot be emphasized enough.

A ton of moves go from being safe on hit to unsafe on Block, and learning which moves are unsafe on Block is so key to playing this game at a higher level. So definitely do your homework and figure out which moves become punishable on Block even though they are safe if they hit you.

These are your basic attacks. These are the attacks you get when hitting any of the six attack button. These will be the fundamental building blocks of all of your offense and defense in Street Fighter, so get to know your moves very intimately. This sounds simple, but it must be realized that there are a lot of Normal Moves in the game, and sometimes you actually lose sight of that.

There are five main states of Normal Moves, which is one of the reasons why it's sometimes easy to forget that you have so many Normals. The five states are Standing hitting an attack button while your character is standing at a distance from your opponentClose-up hitting an attack button while your character is standing very close to the opponentCrouching hitting an attack button while you are also holding any of the Down positions on the joystickAngled Jumping pressing an attack button during a Forward or Back Flipand Straight-up Jumping pressing an attack button during a Straight Up Jump.

This gives you a total of 30 different basic Normal Attacks.When the special button is held, the user will emanate a black aura and begin charging up a powerful attack. A fully-charged Focus Attack connecting with an opponent in the air will simply paralyze them for a few moments, although the duration is still moderately long.

A semi-charged Focus Attack can still crumple opponents albeit for a shorter timewhile an uncharged Focus Attack only deals low damage and knockback, and will not stun. If Focus Attack connects with an opponent who is already crumpling e. However, this can potentially set up combos. The direction of this attack can be changed by holding left or right after the special button is pressed, although the amount of damage done is not increased if the direction is changed, unlike moves such as the Falcon Punch.

In Smash 4Ryu gains a unique form of damage-based armor when charging this move that can resist a single hit before they affect them as normal up to a given percentage. This can let the user resist attacks that would usually be devastating such as shrugging off Ganondorf's Warlock Punch in Ryu's intro video for Smash 4.

This only works for one attack however, so multi-hit attacks and grabs are an effective counter to this move. Despite the cap being extremely high, the move's armor cannot withstand immensely powerful attacks such as some Final Smashes or the Dragoonmaking it useless for negating them.

However, Ryu gains a high amount of knockback resistance to attacks while charging, which can let them survive at low percents if hit by them. Ken's Focus Attack armor is active for a frame longer than Ryu's as well, being active on release rather than Ken also says "There you go! Focus Attack can be cancelled by tapping left or right twice, making the user move a short distance in the direction pressed.

When the move is cancelled, it will be noted by a flashing star similar to those made by fast falling fighters.

As such, a player can use the move's starting armor to plow through attacks or projectiles, then cancel it immediately for a follow-up; this is especially useful on laggy attacks. The dash cancel can be used before the strike occurs or when the attack hits including if it is blocked. If the strike is released, but fails to connect, the dash cancel cannot be used.

Dash cancelling the Focus Attack even works in mid-air, giving the user a unique air dashing ability that improves his aerial maneuverability and adds to his recovery options. Cancelling the Focus Attack right as the opponent gets hit is a reliable way to start combos.

For example, at full charge if Ryu cancels backwards, it guarantees a sweetspotted forward smash that can be charged a small bit.

If the player cancels forward, an inputted Shoryuken can be performed instead. However, a forward smash deals more damage than a Shoryuken, making it much more effective when racking up damage. Special Move customization was added in Super Smash Bros.

These are the variations:. This attack originates from the Street Fighter IV series. Every fighter has access to a move called Focus Attack that can absorb one hit during its charging animation, but has slow startup otherwise.

It is performed by pressing both medium punch and medium kick at the same time. The Focus Attack can be charged, and there are three stages to the move, each dealing more damage than the last; the level 1 or uncharged Focus Attack has the fastest startup, but causes little hitstun or blockstun, the level 2 Focus Attack can crumple the opponent for nearly 2 seconds if it hits and has decent blockstun, and the level 3 or fully charged Focus Attack is unblockable, possesses the super armor property until the hitbox becomes active, and crumples the opponent for a slightly longer period of time.

The super armor can be disrupted by grabsmulti-hitting moves, and attacks that are classified as armor breakers, such as Tatsumaki Senpukyaku. Characters may dash out in either direction during the charging animation and when the attack hits.You need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to view this video.

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Red Focus Attack

Download Video Select video quality p p. No Pornstars Added Yet. Share This Video. Link copied to clipboard. Start at. Video has been sent! Flag this video Why do you think we should remove this video? Related Videos Premium videos Young girl sinner fucking insatiable and sperm drinker - 2. Elle ne sattendait pas a avoir du sexe pour de largent avec des inco.Capcom's forthcoming flagship fighter update Ultra Street Fighter 4 will introduce two new gameplay mechanics, which add an additional layer of defensive and offensive utility to the game's existing stable of meters and gameplay systems.

The price paid for this strategic advantage is that each Ultra Combo does less damage than it would under normal circumstances, trading raw power for the added utility of multiple Ultras. Classical, single-Ultra options are still available, of course. Whereas regular Focus Attacks can absorb the damage from a single attack, Red Focus Attacks can absorb damage from multiple attacks, at the cost of Super Meter.

red focus attack

Beyond the fact that Red Focus Attacks can still be dash cancelled, however, no further information was provided with regards to how a Red Focus Attack is executed, or how much meter the technique costs. Buyer's Guide.

[USFIV] Perfect Red Focus

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red focus attack

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