Zodiac signs sensitive body parts

Just because someone is sexy AF, it's not a guarantee that they're amazing in bed. Everyone has certain tricks and actions that have worked in the past and we rely on them to work in the future. Having a knowledge of the human body and how it responds to certain stimulation adds to your sexual capabilities. Not everybody has the same reaction to every erogenous zone. What may drive your ex wild might not do anything for your current partner.

But astrology can help you out by indicating which erogenous zone corresponds with each of the zodiac signs. You need to know that what works on a Leo man could turn a Taurus man completely cold, or that a stimulating a combination of the erogenous zones really can take certain men over the top while others may find it distracting and unpleasant.

Some men may just need a gentle touch, while others need more of a firm stroke. If you start with the top of the head and work your way down, you'll be on the right track. Kiss his throat all around and gently bite his ear, but focus much of your energy on his neck. Don't worry about giving him a hickey; for him, it's not something to hide but something to show off proudly. Touch his hands, lick and suck his fingers and do it as erotically as you dareand be sure to stroke the inside of his palm to send shivers up his spine.

Man nipples are kind of a mystery. Why do they have them in the first place? Stand behind him and lean up against him, or have him face down and sit on his butt while you stroke his back. If you really want to get him going start from his shoulder blades and kiss your way down his spine. Some people are sensitive about their stomachs; they feel insecure if they don't have rock hard abs. Don't ignore his stomach; pay attention to it and show it that you crave the power of touch.

Butts are fun to spank, squeeze, and touch. Feel free to give your Libra man's behind a sensual massage; he'll love it and it will stimulate him for more. No, the truth is as you've probably suspected, Scorpio's most sensitive erogenous zone are their genitals.

It won't take long to see if you've successfully stimulated him. If their legs are covered, grab the thigh and squeeze it over their clothes. That's the thing about Capricorns: you think you have them all figured out and they surprise you every time.

They love being caressed at the back of the knees and if they don't see it coming, it will send them over the moon. They love having their ankles and their calves touched.

Well, who are we to judge? You never know what body part has significance erotically for someone, even when that body part is their ankles. If you want to give the perfect gift for a Pisces, get them a gift certificate to a foot massage parlor or nail salon. They'll love being treated to a foot massage, pampering, and a scrub. Sign in. Join YourTango Experts. Photo: istock.

zodiac signs sensitive body parts

Christine Schoenwald.Each and every one of the signs of the Zodiac has some physical path that makes them stand out above the rest, which is marked by the first House of his natal chart. Therefore, knowing the horoscope well can give us the keys to discover the best of our body and reduce the burden sometimes caused by everyday insecurities. There are some body parts that are affected more and some that attract more based on your zodiac sign and here are some of them!

They have sharp features like the brow, nose, chin, and mouth. Aries rules the head and face which is why they often have birthmarks, scars, moles, etc Strong bone structure, average height, and an upright posture are associated with an Aries.

Some of them have a ruddy appearance. The body parts that are the most sensitive for the people who were born under this zodiac sign are their eyes, their head and their brain which means they are more likely to suffer from a migraine!

Their best beauty asset is their neck, could be thick or long and elegant one, which gives them a very strong upper body strength. They possess the characteristics of a bull and are often large bodied; not necessarily plump, but muscular and attractive because most are physically active. They look impressive in whatever they wear and know how to present their best assets.

Dark hair and eyes, not just brown or black but also dark blue or dark blond. Their hair is naturally curly or wavy. The body parts that are the most sensitive for the people who were born under this zodiac sign are their throats, vocal chords, and neck which means they are more likely to suffer from a migraine! However, they can be amazing singers who are always determined enough to achieve the goals they dream about. Even if their throat or vocal chords suffer too much to sing, they can become equally successful songwriters!

These Are The Erogenous Zones For Each Zodiac Sign

People love their creativity and artistic skills. Born under the sign of twins, they are ruled by two personalities. They have an expressive face and an energy filled vibe surrounds.

They usually have small features, almost doll-like. Most of them have big foreheads and features that are quite close together.

They are light-footed and graceful in their movements, have a slim build; even if they are plump, their height makes up for it. When they walk the street, people often can't take their eyes off Gemini. This sign is able to draw attention because of their charm and grace! The body parts that are the most sensitive for the people who were born under this zodiac sign are their nervous system, hands, arms and lungs which means they are more likely to worry about everything for no reason.

Sometimes they are stressed to that extent that they suffer from breathing problems, anxiety or depression. Gemini should react when seeing the first symptoms! And they should try to get rid of stress in their everyday lives.

Zodiac Signs and Body Parts

Health is too precious after all!You might know that every zodiac sign is associated with certain personality characteristics, but what you may not know is, every sign is also associated with a specific body part. In astrologythese areas of the body that rule over your zodiac sign are believed to be where you experience the most sensitivity or trouble, depending upon your health and vitality.

They also happen to be areas that will drive each sign wild in the bedroom. Aries are quick-tempered and fast-acting, and some might even describe them as being "hot-headed. Though they easily get upset, they'll calm down just as quickly by having their hair stroked or played with. So in the bedroom, don't feel bad about giving their hair a good pull. Taurus is ruled by the neck and throat, meaning when it comes to sex, they respond to having their neck kissed, licked, blown on, stroked or possibly even choked a bit.

On the negative side, they are subject to problems with their throats, either losing their voice a lot or suffering from an underactive or overactive thyroid gland. Sucking on a Gemini's fingers in bed will make them go crazy, especially if you kiss their arms and shoulders. A great way to begin foreplay with a Gemini is a back rub, starting from their shoulders and lightly touching their arms. When a Gemini is getting worked up or nervous and they do oftenthey become very accident-prone and could find themselves injuring their arms, shoulders or hands more than anything else.

If you happen to know a Cancer personally, you may notice the first thing that happens when they get upset is they get a stomach ache. In the bedroom, Cancers particularly enjoy getting their chest stroked or their nipples played with. When stressed, they may suffer from heart palpitations, as this is the most sensitive organ in their body, according to astrology.

Easiest Way To Turn On Every Zodiac Sign

In the bedroom, a Leo is especially turned on when someone runs a finger, a feather or even a hair up their spine, from lower to upper back. They try hard not to get emotional, which leads them to suppress a lot of their feelings in favor of only expressing what makes logical sense. Since feelings are strongly correlated to digestive health in spiritual schools of thought, this leads Virgos to a lot of digestive issues.

Using ice on their tummy will drive them completely wild and allow them to release all those pent-up emotions in the form of an orgasm. One male Libra actually wanted to try pegging when a woman puts on a strap-on and goes to town on the guy.

Well, to be fair, it was a deal we made since he wouldn't stop talking to me about trying anal. When under stress, Libras may experience anal fissures or problems with the anal canal such as hemorrhoids, which can get in the way of their love of butt stuff in the bedroom.

zodiac signs sensitive body parts

Scorpio is notoriously known as the sign of sex, but that doesn't automatically make them horndogs. Some Scorpios take sex so seriously, they actually keep a limited number of partners, which is a good thing since they are prone to having issues with their junk.So the question is, who is the most sensitive zodiac sign?

The meaning of a highly sensitive person is someone that feels more deeply than others and is often more emotionally sensitive and reactive to certain situations.

Other characteristics of highly sensitive people include being very detail-oriented and great team players. Discover the most common emotion each zodiac sign experiences here.

The answer is yes, of course a highly sensitive person can love someone! Highly sensitive people can have really successful and loving long-term relationships, as long as their partners understand the complexity of their personalities and supports them.

Being a highly sensitive person means that your feelings get hurt more easily than other people's feelings do and get upset more. Although, being sensitive is actually a good thing because it means you feel positive emotions more deeply and powerfully. The way you feel and experience joy and happiness is a lot more intense! We reveal the top 5 most sensitive zodiac sign. Who is the most highly sensitive zodiac sign?

The answer is, drumroll please Cancer is the most sensitive zodiac sign! They're take things directly to heart because they think the world is out to get them! Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer and Aries struggle to let things go and often have trouble moving on. Some might argue that they enjoy starting dramabut even when these zodiacs make an effort to shake off the negativity, they can't really ever get past what triggered it.

To get a Cancer to forgive and forget, show them some love and affection! Pisces is the second most sensitive zodiac. When their feelings are hurt, Pisces are prone to complaining and may even shed a few tears. Just spending time with them in silence is often what they want.Each zodiac sign needs something different to make them orgasm. This begs the question, where are your erogenous zones and how can you turn your partner on?

Great sex is about understanding the body and knowing what drives each person wild in the bedroom. We're about to reveal all you need to know for amazing sex! Certain areas of our bodies are more sensitive and receptive than others. The head and scalp The Aries sign erogenous zones are tied to the scalp, the head, and the face. To heat things up gently, start by giving Aries a scalp message. A head massage has relaxing powers that people often ignore, so run your hand delicately through Aries hair and make some circular motions.

To make a Taurus melt, kiss the nape of their neck, the front of their neck, and their shoulders gently, followed by a gently massage. Take Cancer to 7th heaven, start by caressing them gently on the mouth.

Look at your Cancer intensely and don't hold back…. The stomach Leo 's zone is the stomachso this sign loves caresses and kisses on this spot. To arouse desire in a Leo, touch their stomach lightly and follow with some kisses. Never forget that a Leo needs to be desired and admired a lot, so nothing will excite Leo more than seeing you lust after them. To truly make a Virgo go crazy, gentleness and sensitivity are key! Libra's whole body is erogenous, so touches and caresses will make a Libra keel over in an instant.

A simple look at a pretty butt can suffice in arousing a Scorpio. If you want to seduce a Scorpio man, think of doing a strip-tease and wearing seductive lingerie, preferably in bright colors. Scorpio women love when someone touches and caresses their bums. Legs and feet The Sagittarius sign's erogenous zone is linked with the legs and feet. With a Sagittarius man, the sight of a lovely pair of legs in stiletto heels will grab his attention….Astrology-rooted intel can help us decode whom to lovehow to exerciseand even which plants to buy —but when optimized, it can help us learn so much more.

Below, Faulkner explains the body parts-zodiac signs connection—and what it may mean for you. Typically, rams think with their horns first and worry about the rest later—and body rulership helps to explain why. Aries rules the head and energy levels, which is why Faulkner suggests that the fire sign cools down with meditation from time to time. When things are going as according to plan, Aries may enjoy a positive mind-set and a lot of stamina. Faulkner says to expect a foggy, tired mind with a side of blotchiness.

zodiac signs sensitive body parts

If all is right, Taurus tends to have great upper body strength and an elegant, swan-like swan neck. Gemini is known for a certain star quality, so it makes sense that the sign rules the throat, lungs, and breath. Healthy lungs come in handy for belting out those high notes during karaoke night, after all. Faulkner says you might experience some shallow breathing when your song comes up next.

What does this mean in practice? According to the astrologer, Virgo probably brings some great meal-prep skills to the table, along with a healthy relationship to food, diet, and fitness matters. But when things are rough for this sign, digestive issues might be written in the stars. So cut yourself some slack, Libras!

These Are The Most Sensitive Zodiac Signs

Otherwise, she says, look out for aching lower-back pain and kidney-related issues. So, stay on top of your annual appointments and aim to do hip-opening exercises. Otherwise, Faulkner says tight hips from pent-up emotions and less savory reproductive-system-linked issues may be in the future.

His Most Sensitive Erogenous Zone, Based On His Zodiac Sign

Stay moving to avoid physical and mental lethargy. Caps are the rulers of bones, joints, and aging, which means care must be taken at all times for optimum flexibility and dense bones.

If not? Potential stiffness and arthritis, Faulkner says. Those born under this sign would be wise to engage in some major stretch sessions before yoga or, really, any kind of active practice to ensure optimum flexibility. Without stretching, weak ankles—which may be a risk factor for future injuries—might persist, Faulkner says.

Last up for body parts-zodiac rulership is the twin fish and their hands or, er, fins? Another way Pisces can facilitate hands-and-feet self care is to lean into mani-pedis to guarantee all the digits are in tip-top shape.

Without taking the time to treat them well, you might see repetitive stress syndrome, bunions, and other foot-related ailments, Faulkner says. Stocking up for meal prep? Here are the six items you should always have in your refrigeratorbased on your zodiac sign. Or, learn how to optimize your nighttime routine based on your star sign. OMG, I forgot to pack a bra to change into after my sweaty workout—what do I do?

Can fruits and veggies ever really be bad for you? Why one healthy eating expert says we need to chill. If an eyelash curler and mascara had a baby, this would be it. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Youtube Instagram. Loading More Posts Most Popular.There are certain places that obviously feel good to touch. Others, it takes a while to figure out. Whether you start with a specific curiosity or an accidental touch, you might find that you have a place on your body that reacts really well during sexual play.

What you may not know is that zodiac sign erogenous zones also exist, and that your sign can help guide you to find more of these fun places. Erogenous zones are parts of our body with heightened sensitivity to arousal. And while a lot of people share certain core spots like the famous seven Monica outlined in Friendsa lot of the physical and emotional response varies from person to person.

Some people, for example, may love ear kisses, while others find them repulsive. It's truly up to the individual. But if you've been stuck in a rut or a routine in bed, and you're looking for something to give you a little added energy, you can turn to the zodiac.

Astrologists have found that your zodiac sign doesn't just exist in your personality, it can resonate in your body too. And while no zodiac recommendation is going to be a one-size-fits-all solution, it may be fun for a bit of exploration when you're looking for it. While your hair is, technically, not a living part of your body, it can feel really, really good to be touched.

zodiac signs sensitive body parts

Especially if you're an Aries. While you might not be into a good old-fashioned hickey, if you're a Taurus, you should still be aiming for some action on the neck. The throat chakra is ruled by Taurus, and any gentle action to the neck or throat will make any bull run wild," Stardust says. So whether you want to take it a step further or not, don't forget the place between your lips and your breasts.

Of all of the zodiac erogenous zones, this is one of the more surprising. But for Geminis, it's a great little secret. A little feather tickle up the arms will drive Gemini into a sexual head spin," Stardust says. So if you're a Gemini, see what happens when you ask your partner to play with your arms a bit more. You may be in for some fun. Everyone has 'em. So don't leave them out. Next time your hands wrap around your Leo partner, pause a while. Leo's erogenous zone is rooted in their spine.

Plus, a good back massage can be good for the body and increase emotional intimacy. It's quite the win-win. Virgo can get turned on by even the gentlest play. And play around the torso is especially exciting. When done right, a lot of people enjoy a little light spanking. But for Libras, anything in that region can be a huge turn-on.


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